Introducing.... The Lo Well

In 2019, you were introduced to us as a repurposed designer jewelry company. A one-stop-shop for all things repurposed jewelry, we were one of the firsts to stand apart in the repurposed jewelry industry. A business name change and a couple years later, we are gearing up for an official company rebrand. Here's the story behind the change.

If you listened to our podcast interview with Emily of How'd She Do That you'll know that we recently expanded our repurposed designer jewelry line into wholesale. In the process of doing so, we were given the opportunity to add a line of pre-loved designer handbags and accessories to our storefront. We started sourcing more and more of these authentic and unique vintage bags, and now have an entire collection worth. We have decided to almost exclusively move our repurposed designer jewelry into wholesale only, with the exception of a few key pieces. Our love for vintage handbags and accessories has grown and we can't wait to share our new collection with you!

So with that being said, we are excited to announce we will be rebranding as:

The Lo Well

A curated luxury e-commerce boutique specializing in pre-owned designer, vintage and like-new luxury goods. We are a high-end reseller at an accessible price point. Our main focus is to make luxury accessible with exceptional service, sustainability and convenience. Our new collection consists of designer vintage handbags and accessories, hand picked by our team for their quality and style. All pieces are put through an authenticity process prior to being sold, and are backed by a 100% AUTHENTICITY guarantee.

And there's more! To celebrate our new rebrand, the new vintage designer collection will be feature on our newly designed website - ( This will also be the home of our new BLOG, The Latest In Luxury - featuring all things fashion, trends, vintage and more. Be sure to follow our blog on Instagram.

We have grown a lot since our start in 2019, and we are so excited to share this next chapter with you.

x The Lo Well

Please note, The Lo Well is not affiliated or partnered with any of the brands sold. We are an independent reseller of luxury goods.